New blog captures Firewise success story in South Dakota

Blog Post created by michelesteinberg Employee on Apr 16, 2013

SilverStarA few days ago, one of our longstanding "Firewise sparkplugs" sent me an email announcing her new blog, The Moderate Botanist. Helen McGranahan of the Silver Star community near the Black Hills explains the creation of this online resource this way:

"Custer County Conservation District hosted a forum earlier this week called A Landowner Conversation: Beetles, Fuels and Forestry.They asked me to do a presentation on our Subdivision's Firewise project.  Since I absolutely hate public speaking I took the easy way out and made a video.  It went over quite well.  Then it was requested that I post it online."

And thus a new blog is born! In addition to being tickled at Helen's creativity in avoiding public speaking, I was pretty excited about her video story about Silver Star.  Check it out in her blog post here. Just under 11 minutes, it focuses on how neighbors pulled together, with little to no outside help, to dramatically reduce the community's risk from wildfire.