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In the newest issue of the Firewise How To newsletter, we highlight the fire mitigation efforts of Horseshoe Lake, Alaska, and the work that it has done as a Firewise community since 2006. The first Alaskan Firewise Community, Horseshoe Lake was heavily impacted by the 1996 Miller’s Reach Fire, prompting community members to band together for fire safety.

Horseshoe Lake

Along with their Firewise efforts, the feature explores the connection between the community and Oregon-based engineer Brian Smole. He has ALS, yet created and updates Horseshoe Lake’s website with only the movement of a muscle in his left thigh. Read more in the newsletter!

Google announced recently that Google Reader is closing down. This popular RSS feed reader will be history on July 1, 2013, which means you’ve got a little more than two months to move your Google Reader subscriptions to a new RSS reader. You don't want to miss out on any of our blog posts in your RSS readers, right?

In the PC World video below, Nick Barber shows you how to migrate your Google Reader subsciptions to a new RSS reader. He uses Takeout, Google’s way of providing your information in a format you can take with you to other programs. He turns his Google Reader subscriptions into a file that can then be used with different RSS readers. 



Looking for more information about Google Reader’s impending shutdown? You can read about three alternatives to Google Reader here. 

If all of this sounds too complicated but you still don't want to miss out, you can always subscribe to our blog's RSS feeds again, adding them to another RSS feeder directly from our blog. 

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