Napa County, CA selects Firewise theme for May

Blog Post created by cathyprudhomme Employee on May 1, 2013

 May 2013 artwork

The Napa County, CA Firewise Foundation's monthly themes and artwork from their young artists showcase, highlights a piece for May from 9-year-old Haley Hutchins.  Miss Hutchins is a member of the Boys and Girls Club of Napa Valley.

The theme is Planting a Firewise and Waterwise Garden. Her artwork shows flames from a wildfire igniting a home and garden and stresses the importance of selecting the right waterwise and firewise choices for both your home and landscaping.   

Choosing the right plants and mulches are an important decision when building a Firewise landscape and deciding how and where they’re arranged deserves equal consideration. 

Incorporating hardscape elements (sidewalks, paths, patios, and retaining walls) is a good way to help break up contiguous fuels throughout your property.

Careful plant choices can help save water too!  A waterwise garden features many varieties and can be very compatible with Firewise concepts. Most cooperative extension offices can provide information – check with your local or state office to get more details.  

Our congratulations to Haley for being selected as May’s Artist of the Month!