Free California consortium webinar features fire operations in the WUI

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friends at the[ California Fire Science Consortium | http://www.cafiresci.org/] hold great, FREE, one-hour

webinars on all kinds of wildfire topics. Next on their list is "Fire
Operations in the Wildland-Urban Interface
", presented by CAL FIRE

Battalion Chief Phill Veneris next Wednesday, May 22 at 12 pm Pacific Time.    


Chief Veneris is a CAL FIRE ICS Type 1

Incident Commander, Operations Section Chief, and Safety Officer. During this

presentation, he’ll discuss Firefighting Operations in the Wildland Urban

Interface from a California perspective, using information and products from

both his department, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection

(CAL FIRE ) as well as the latest publications from FIrefighting

RESources of California

Organized for* P*otential

Emergencies (FIRESCOPE ). This information is

useful for both the company officer as well as the incident commander when

faced with a fire in the wildland urban interface and evacuating residents in

the fire’s path.  

You can register here:

Be sure to also check out the longlist of previous webinars, recorded for your

listening and viewing pleasure! Topics range from fire behavior to Firewise to

planning and community engagement.