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On at least one occasion, we’ve all been stopped in our tracks by the profoundness of a child’s view of the world by an innocent comment they’ve casually shared, a drawing, or something written as a school assignment. I just had the opportunity to experience one of those moments! 

This year, I have the privilege of receiving a monthly piece of artwork from our friend Roger Archey with the NAPA County, CA Firewise Program.  The artwork was created last year by youth in his community during a children’s art contest with the theme “Wildfire Hurts Everyone.”

This month, the creativity spotlight shined a shade brighter with a piece created by 11-year old Emma Kluz from Vacaville, CA. Her depiction of a wildfire as a roving highway monster stresses the reality of what happens in a fire.  Perhaps I found her image even more profound because the White, Grand, Branch and Powerhouse fires are all active in her home state doing exactly what her artwork intensely portrays!  The caption simply states:  Help Prevent Wildfires! – followed by a simple smiley face emoticon.  

I wish I could afford to buy thousands of billboards throughout the country and plaster them with her artwork!

So it's June, halfway through 2013 and we couldn't be prouder of the tremendous work so many residents across the country have been doing this year to help keep their homes and neighborhoods safer from wildfire. Our 1,000 Safer Places: The Firewise Challenge certainly helps us to continue to raise awareness about this important issue especially as we enter another challenging wildfire season this year. The Challenge is also a great way for neighbors to help neighbors acheive their wildfire safety goals and as of June 1, we're proud to say 903 communities have officially become members of the Firewise family. And this number only continues to grow. Leaderboard

Want to know where your state falls in the Challenge? Check out our updated leaderboard for more information and see the top five states that as of today, are leading the Challenge. Keep track of our progress throughout the year, too, as we update the leaderboard each month. Want to get your community involved the Challenge? Visit our Challenge webpage or contact us for more information! We look forward to hearing from you!

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