Wildfire media inquires remind residents to prepare now

Blog Post created by lisamariesinatra Employee on Jun 18, 2013

In light of the heightened wildfire activity in Colorado and in other states around the country recently, NFPA has been responding to a number of media inquiries regarding home safety and preparedness, community action plans, WUI regulations, evacuation planning and other questions regarding wildfire safety and mitigation. Of course it's great to be contacted by some of the leading names in the news, but it's even more heartening and more important for us to know our safety and preparedness message can be/is heard by thousands of residents living in high-risk wildfire areas.

NFPA's Wildland Fire Operations Division staff work tirelessly to reach out to residents every day to provide the latest information, tips and resources people can start using today to build safer communities for tomorrow, and we appreciate how the media is helping us to spread the word.

So as reporters continue to ask the big questions regarding wildland fire, we'll continue to help answer them, and connect folks with program information, organizations and resources that can help, including our national Firewise Communities Program, the Fire Adapted Communities initiative and other important wildfire safety and mitigation news, tips and highlights from our key partners and friends.

Here are two of our latest interviews and mentions that you may find of interest:

* Quick Fire Response Pays Off, Wall Street Journal, Sunday, June 16, 2013. Read about the emergency response and the evacuation planning process put in place during the Black Forest Fire.

* Wildfire Season:  7 Ways You Can Help Save Lives and Property, Christian Science Monitor, June 2013. Our Fire Adapted Communities initiative was highlighted in a great article that breaks down the FAC concept into simple steps we can all use. 

*Below is an infographic that recently appeared in the print edition of USA Today:


For the latest wildfire information, stay tuned here to our Fire Break blog, and check out our Facebook and Twitter platforms. Not only will we share our news and the news of our partners and friends with you, but we want you to share your information with us. We look forward to hearing from you. 

(Image of Firewise infographic courtesy of USA Today)