Developing a model Community Wildfire Protection Plan in Texas

Blog Post created by aronanderson Employee on Jun 24, 2013

Authored by: Hank Blackwell, Fire Adapted Community Ambassador

The City of Austin and Travis County, Texas have jointly funded the creation of a  Austin CWPP
(CWPP). The quote from the project description clearly supports the importance of the concepts of the Fire Adapted Communities program:   “Travis County and the City of Austin are partnering to produce a county-wide Community Wildfire Protection Plan.  This Plan will provide the framework for the County and City’s efforts to become a Fire-Adapted Community.”

One of the primary goals for the CWPP is to establish a framework for both the incorporated and non-incorporated areas to facilitate connections between existing Firewise Communities as well as those in development; provide a template with the greater CWPP that can be utilized by smaller municipalities and subdivisions as a foundation for more specific, tailored plans; offer motivation and understanding of the meaning and understanding of the value of the Fire Adapted Communities Program.

This CWPP is hoped to become a model for the State of Texas as well as other states in terms of its’ importance as a planning and preparedness tool, a prevention and mitigation program and a public education and information platform.

The Austin/Travis County Joint Wildfire Task Force, a multi-agency, multi-disciplinary group will serve as the program overseer and guide. The depth and breadth of their influence and knowledge, coupled with their unique vision and creativity will ensure the development of a meaningful tool, as well as a program that will establish a foundation for a larger area Fire Adapted Community and concurrent mind-set among constituents.

Congratulations, Austin City/Travis County for your vision!