New interactive wildland threat mapper (WTM) for the Northwestern Unitied States

Blog Post created by hyltonhaynes Employee on Jul 8, 2013

The Western Wildland Threat Assessment Center (WWETAC) recently published an interactive 'wildland threat mapper' (WTM).  This mapper was based on the research that employs a novel 25-km radius neighborhood analysis in an effort to highlight locations where threats (wildfire, insects and disease and development) may be more concentrated relative to others and to identify where multiple threats intersect. Such neighborhood analyses and overlays can help policymakers and managers to anticipate and weigh the implications of potential threats and their intersections in regional- and national-level assessments.

Image 1: Wildland Threat Mapper (WTM) image of interactive mapper. *Click on image to view WTM.

According to the primary researcher involved with this project - Jeffrey Kline, this geospatial technique will be applied to the rest of the United States and is scheduled for realease on the WWETAC website sometime next year.