Before the wildfire math does not add up - Firewise is the actionable solution

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Jul 19, 2013

The state of Alaska has many wildfires currently burning and the efforts of home and cabin owners are making a difference by increasing the odds of structure survivability and fire fighter safety.  The below public service announcement (PSA) is now airing in the state of Alaska.  


The video footage of this fire was recently taken from a low intensity uncontrolled wildfire within the Horseshoe Lake Alaska Firewise Community.  It was quickly controlled due to quick fire fighter response, effective suppression tactics and the landscape had been treated. The vegetation was reduced prior to fire season to lessen the intensity, if and when a wildfire was to strike. These preventative efforts not only increased the odds of the homes surviving the wildfire but improved firefighter safety with minimal firefighting resources needed to control the fire. Often fire managers don't have enough fire trucks and fire fighters to protect every home when wildfires get big, the math just does not work about 2% of all major wildfires.  But in this fire, the math worked.  There were enough fire fighters and equipment because of the efforts made to reduce the amount of fuel before the wildfire which made the fire manageable. 

For more  information about Firewise in Alaska or your state visit the Alaska Division of Forestry or Firewise websites.  Increase your odds on your home or cabin survivability the next time wildfire rolls through your neck of the woods.  Remember when its a 'gobbler' (wildland firefighter slang for a firestorm that detroys everything in its path) the math just does not work unless you, the property owner are part of the equation!