Seven ways you can help save lives and property

Blog Post created by cathyprudhomme Employee on Aug 8, 2013


Photo Credit:  Jonathan Pobre/AP - Powerhouse Fire, Santa Clarita, CA May 30, 2013

Do an Internet search using the two words “seven steps” and you’ll get a whole menagerie of things ranging from: seven steps to getting out of debt - to seven steps of successful writing; along with more than 1.5 million additional choices.  One of those options in the sea of many is a recent article from the Christian Science Monitor called Wildfire season: 7 ways you can help save lives and property.  I encourage you to add this to your must read list; it’s a well-written, user-friendly piece that provides a comprehensive, yet simplistic look at the actions that can reduce community-wide wildfire risk.

I feel somewhat remiss that the link to this article was sent to me more than two months ago from a colleague, and it only rose to the top of my to-read list when I received it again today from a different colleague, who’d probably also let it sit too long in their inbox. 

It has applicable information for every adult residing in one of the estimated 44 million homes with a wildfire risk throughout the U.S.; and also for related stakeholders.  A lot of the Information in the article came from the January 2013 USDA Forest Service report Wildfire, Wildlands and People: Understanding and Preparing for Wildfire.    

Once you've read the article add some excerpts to your newsletter or website and use the Fire Adapted Communities website as your comprehensive wildfire resource for information and materials.