You can be a Firewise ambassador

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Aug 14, 2013

You can be an ambassador for Firewise Communities where you live!  Do you live in a community that is not Firewise yet?  Or perhaps you live next door to a community that is not yet aware of Firewise principles.  Using the Firewise toolkit and other materials available free on line you can become an ambassador for effective change.  The Firewise Communities program works.  There have been many documented saves of homes and neighborhoods where residents embraced and implemented Firewise principles. Contact your state liaison and regional advisor for additional help.


A picture of a home from New Mexico on the left and Oklahoma on the right that were left intact after a wildfire event because they had made Firewise changes to their homes and properties.

If you are wondering how to start, there are many different approaches to reach out to neighbors and communities.

  • You can simply invite neighbors over for a cup of tea or coffee and share what is working for you and your community.
  • Bringhandouts to your local library, community center or other public building with permission if you have a hard time talking one on one. You can also post flyers inviting neighbors to your meeting.
  • Have a booth at a local event such as a rodeo, HOA meeting, block party or other community event.
  • Staff a table or booth at a local Fire Station open house with their permission or other safety fair such as a neighborhood watch, disaster preparedness or other event.
  • Use a Firewise DVD to share with residents as a community outreach event.
  • Host a course on how to assess wildfire hazards in the Home Ignition Zone.


On the left is a display staffed by the East County Magazine in Descanso, California;  on the right is a class being taught about Firewise principles in the Elfin Forest, California.

By helping your neighbor or neighboring community become safer you are actually helping yourself be safer in the event of a wildfire as well.  You can become an integral part of meeting the Firewise Challenge of supporting the development and maintenance of 1,000 Firewise Communities!  For more information about this national campaign go to