Beaver Creek Fire, Hailey, Idaho

Blog Post created by hyltonhaynes Employee on Aug 26, 2013

Idaho currently has many active fires burning in the state at this time, as does most of the western United States.  One of the more significant fires is the Elk Complex fire that is located 30 miles ESE of Boise.  This fire complex has been burning since August 24th and was caused by lightning strikes near Granite Mountain in the Danskins Mountain Range.  Fortunately, this 131,000 acre fire is now 95% contained.

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60 miles east of this fire complex is the Beaver Creek fire that also started under similar circumstances.  This fire is currently 111,000 acres and 90% contained.  Here are some slides and videos from Pat Durland one of NFPA's Home Ignition Zone workshop instructors  who is currently working out of this firecamp.

Beaver Creek Fire
  Image 1:  Town of Hailey, Idaho (photo: Courtesy of Dates Fryberger, photographers: Steve Dondero, Mark Oliver and Matt Leideker)

According to Pat, they are currently using 7 large helicopters to make water drops on the fire.   The more interesting fact is this makes up 1/3 of our national fleet.  If one places this resource allocation into context with all the other major fires burning in the west at this time, one soon comes to the realization that the numbers simply do not add up. 

Wildland fire mitigation around your home is the most reponsible and pragmatic solution to dealing with this natural hazard.  Address your wildland fire risk exposure before the smoke versus hoping that an airplane, helicoptor or firefighting crew will be assigned to your neighborhood in your time of greatest need.