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Ambassador Report - Aug 22 2013
Ambassadors representing NFPA’s Fire Adapted Communities (FAC) outreach efforts recently delivered a series of nine informational forums in diverse wildland/urban interface areas that spanned a geographical area from Spokane, WA to Brooksville, FL.  Each forum provided attendees with an overview of the Fire Adapted Communities concept and included an interactive component that generated invaluable insights, feedback and comments from participants; including suggestions on future enhancements to the website, resources and tools.

This type of outreach activity proved to be an effective tool for introducing and engaging a wide range of stakeholders on the FAC topic, and also provided a forum that produced constructive suggestions on how to improve outreach and education efforts.  Groups also reiterated the impact and importance of multimedia reports, specifically the Waldo Canyon Fire video and the corresponding Lessons Learned document; and how they helped audiences learn about FAC principles along with the FAC coalition member’s roles and resources.

The Fire Adapted Communities approach helps connect people to resources that help them reduce their wildfire risk.  Fire Adapted Communities is supported by a coalition of national wildfire safety organizations.

What do California Wildfires, 9/11, Hurricane Gustav, Chernobyl, Hurricane Rita,and the Fukushima nuclear accident all have in common?  Besides being devastating events, these events all triggered massive evacuations of the local communities.  To assist with planning for mass evacuations the National Fire Protection Association has created a new Technical Committee for Common Mass Evacuation Planning.  The scope of the committee is to establish a common set of criteria for Mass Evacuation plans.  The committee will work to develop a standard that will provide elected officials, emergency management officials, emergency preparedness planners, and emergency responders the essential elements, common terminology, roles, evacuation stages, and repatriation phases for evacuation plans.   

With devastating wildland fires across the country and massive hurricanes hitting our beaches, more and more residents have been asked to evacuate their communities and public officials are facing difficult decisions of when to order an evacuation and when it is ok to shelter in place.  The committee will develop the standard to assist leaders with critical information, and key trigger points that will help them make the decision to evacuate their communities.    

The NFPA Technical Committee will be hosting their first meeting September 4-6, 2013, at NFPA HQ in Quincy MA.  If you are interested in coming to the meeting or learning more about the committee please email me at

Mass evacuation of nearly 500,000 people in about 9 hours. BOATLIFT, An Untold Tale of 9/11 Resilience



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