Grizzly Flats, California has been busy with community wildfire outreach activities.

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Oct 2, 2013

Grizzly Flats a recognized Firewise Communities/USA® site for 5 years in California has been working hard to educate residents about the risks of wildfire and  how residents can take action to lessen their risk of loss during a wildfire event.  Grizzly Flats is a community with a population of about 1,200.  Their recent educational outreach event titled “One Less Spark One Less Wildfire” was hosted collaboratively with the US Forest Service.  The event was attended by 260 people which makes up almost one quarter of the community's population.  Four US Forest Service employees made presentations and handed out materials at the event.  It was an event that gave residents hands on experience and an opportunity to interact with their US Forest Service Partners.

Image 1: Pictures from the Grizzly Flats Firewise Community/One Less Spark One Less Wildfire outreach eventthat was hosted collaboratively with the US Forest Service.

Grizzly Flats also hosted two Firewise Days.  According to Mark Almer their Chairperson, “The first was titled “Community Safety and Firewise Day” and was held on Saturday, May 11. It was held at Pioneer Fire Protection District Fire Station 35 on Sciaroni Road in Grizzly Flats. This was an indoor event that featured speakers from CAL FIRE (BC Mike Webb), the duty crew from the Grizzly Flats US Forest Service Station 63 and representatives from the Grizzly Flat Fire Safe Council’s Executive Board (Mark Almer, Chair; Steve Hupner, Treasurer and Sandi Brush, First Vice-Chair).  There was also a presentation demonstrating the devastating results from wildfire and how the attendees could achieve defensible space at their property. The second and main Firewise Day was held on July 27th and also served as our annual fundraiser.” 

Image 2: May 11th Firewise Day held at Pioneer District Station 35.  CAL FIRE's Battalion Chief Mike Webb is presenting.

Firewise Communities give residents in communities a great opportunity to partner with agency partners on a variety of projects and educational outreach events.  If your community would like to learn more about how they can work together to create a safer environment for residents and the surrounding environment go to the Firewise Communities/USA® website, or contact your state liaison and regional advisor.