Patti Maguire talks wildfire in the Southwest in the latest Firewise “How To” Newsletter

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Oct 11, 2013
Patti Maguire, Firewise Advisor to the Southwest Region
“The after effects of a wildfire can be just as devastating and destructive as the fire itself. Immediate restoration of burned areas is critical but sometimes comes too little and too late,” says Patti Maguire, Firewise Advisor to the Southwest Region. Maguire was featured in the latest addition of the “Firewise: How-To Newsletter.”


Before serving as Firewise Advisor Maguire worked as a wildland fire prevention specialist and forest health consultant for the USDA Forest Service as well as the Bureau of Land Management. During her time with the USDA Forest Service she served as a member of the Prevention and Education Team, traveling the Western and Great Plains states to provide an intensive public awareness campaign in communities experiencing extreme wildfire conditions. Maguire also worked on fire prevention programs with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, which she notes, is quite effective.

“Fire is an integral part of Native American history and culture,” Maguire notes. Many reservations, such as Pine Ridge where she worked “utilize prescribed burns to create buffer zones between communities and the grasslands.” Burn Permit programs are also used to help reduce the risk of “woody debris” fires from escaping into the community.

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