On the Tenth Anniversary of the Cedar Fire In San Diego County a Fire Department Shares Firewise Materials and a Local Community Participates in a Firewise Workshop

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Oct 29, 2013

 On October 26th two communities in San Diego each remembered the Cedar Fire in two different ways promoting Firewise Principals to residents.  In Lakeside the site of the tragic loss of 15 civilian lives and one firefighter during the Cedar Fire, a memorial dedication took place at Fire Station #2. The Cedar Fire was the largest fire in California's history over 280,000 acres were burnt. Firewise materials were distributed at this event to share with local residents how they can take action to prepare their homes and communities before a wildfire event so that they are safer.

 In Sherilton Valley residents of the San Diego mountain community participated in a workshop exploring basic Firewise Principals shared by the Firewise Region Advisor as a power point presentation.  Residents were eager to learn about what they were doing right and how they can improve their homes, landscape, roads and water supplies to make their community safer.  There are many simple things that you can do that do not cost a lot of money to make your home safer:

1.  Clean underneath decks and around other attachments such as wooden fences.  Remember if it is attached to the house it is part of the house.

2.  Make sure that the gutters and roof of your home are free of leaves needles and other flammable debris.

3.  Firewise homes and yards are clean!  Make sure that those treasures that you are saving to use someday are placed in a shed or garage and not next to or around your house.  Remove such things as plywood, tires etc.

4.  Make sure that the area closest to your home is very lean and green.  Rake up leaves, pine needles and other flammable materials, make good plant choices (You can find some of these on the Firewise website) that are well cared for.

For more information about how you can have a safer home and community you can learn more on the Firewise Website as well as Ready Set Go and Fire Adapted Communities