Final countdown begins … participate in the Firewise Challenge!

Blog Post created by lisamariesinatra Employee on Oct 31, 2013

BlogWith only a couple months to go before the end of the year,NFPA is hard at work in its effort to “enroll” 1,000 recognized Firewise communities by December 31.

Are you planning on joining NFPA’s 1,000 Safer Places:  The Firewise Communities/USA® Recognition Program Challenge? 

Of course you are (wink, wink) and here’s why … communities in the most active states this year will have a chance to win great prizes, including tools and funding to help you take a swing at wildfire hazards. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this! By becoming an official Firewise site, your neighborhood also lowers its risk for wildfire damage. And that's just pretty awesome, too!

And, okay, so we love competition as much as the next guy … that’s why we created the Firewise Challenge leaderboard (and the nickname: Firewise Throwdown)! Every few weeks we post the names of the top five states leading the “charge” and provide the total number of communities we have to date! As one of my colleagues always says, “Just follow the hand on the Firewise homepage” and you’ll be directed immediately to the current results!

So don’t wait too long to get your paperwork in to the national Firewise program office. Remember, the deadline is December 31, 2013.

Got some last minute questions? Contact the Firewise Communities Program staff for more information. We're here to help ... we want everyone to win the "fight" against wildfire!