Palisades Community is the second community in the Texas panhandle to become a recognized Firewise Community

Blog Post created by hyltonhaynes Employee on Nov 19, 2013

The village of Palisades located in Randall County, Texas recently became the second Firewise Community to be recognized in the Texas Pandhandle region, the other being Borger located about 60 miles north next to the Lake Merideth national recreational area.  

Overall Texas has 59 recognized Firewise Communities/USA sites. To qualify for the recognition, the community worked side-by-side with the Palisades Volunteer Fire Department to develop a long term fire plan. It also held educational days for residents and clean-up days; removing hazardous fire material away from homes. Altogether the community had to pass a series of five requirements.


According to Chief Dennis Massey the tragedy of 2011 where the community lost 27 homes drove the community to become a recognized Firewise Communities/USA site.

Nick Harrison the Texas Firewise State Liaison in an interview with the local Amarillo 7 ABC news network said "In any community, if you don't have the citizens involved, if you have a catastrophic fire like the one we did in 2011, we don't have enough resources in the state to handle them, there is just too many homes to protect".