Another new Firewise community from Modoc County, California earns recognition status!

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Nov 20, 2013


California has increased the number of recognized Firewise Communities by 9 with this new community this year alone.  The new community is Lookout/Lookout Ranchettes in Modoc County, California .  They were assisted in their formation by neighboring Firewise Commnities in Lassen County !  Dan Douglas, the Director and Education Coordinator and Tom Esgate, Managing Director for Lassen County Communities assisted the new community with their application process.  They shared their successes at the Backyards and Beyond Conference last week.  The California Fire Safe Council is the acting California State Firewise Liaison .  They are all working together to make California residents safer in the event of a wildfire!  Check to see the status of your state on the Firewise Challenge!


An application to become a recognized Firewise communities can be found on-line along with a template to complete your community's assessment.  To renew your community status something new, just click on the Firewise website .  We all can make a difference in the outcome for our homes, families and firefighters during a wildfire event by some of the simple changes we can make to our homes and landscape!


!|src=|alt=|style=margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px currentColor; width: 80px; display: block; max-width: 100%;!Join the Firewise Challenge and get recognized!