Mount Laguna, CA joins the ranks of newly recognized Firewise Communities

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Dec 3, 2013

Mount Laguna, CA Dec 2013
Mount Laguna is a community in San Diego, CA with a population of 57 permanent residents and about 150 part time residents.  The community is located in east San Diego County at an elevation of 6,000'.  The community has been designated a high risk community to wildfires.  This last summer the Chariot Fire consumed about 4,700 acres and burned through part of the community and destroyed the historic Shrine Camp.

The community began the process of becoming a recognized Firewise Community before the 2013 fire and continued the process afterwards.  They hosted a picnic which was attended by 90 people almost 50% of the population of the community.  Chief Clay Howe a BLM representative attended this event  and assisted residents hosting the picnic with a home ignition zone assessment.  The assessment was also helpful for neighboring homeowners who also participated.  The community assessment was completed with the assistance of Jason Kraelig US Forest Service Battalion Chief.  The community is working hard to implement action items that were identified in the assessment.  Because they were already a fire safe council the process of becoming a recognized Firewise Community was much easier.  Is your community Firewise?  It's not too late to get your application submitted by December 31.