Itasca County Spreads Firewise Awareness

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Jan 15, 2014


When it comes to spreading Firewise  awareness, sometimes it just takes a dedicated community to show how effective Firewise techniques can be.  In the case of Itasca County (pronounced “Eye-taskuh”), Minnesota, a number of communities have been working on various wildfire mitigation projects for years due to the increased risk of wildfires in the area, particularly during the peak summer months. In doing so, not only have wildfires been prevented, but other communities in the state are beginning to catch on as well. Through 2012, 11 Itasca County communities became recognized as Firewise, with another four being added in 2013. Through their efforts, the number of Firewise neighborhoods in Minnesota is sure to grow.


Read more about the Itasca County Firewise efforts and their growth in the Winter 2013/14 Firewise How-To Newsletter!



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