Firefighters in northwest Austin, Texas taking wildfire precautions to protect their homes

Blog Post created by hyltonhaynes Employee on Jan 17, 2014

The Austin Fire Department (AFD) is demonstrating great leadership in proactively assisting neighborhoods in Austin.  Justice Jones (Senior Environmental Compliance Specialist, AFD) forwarded me this news clip demonstrating some of this great work. Over the past 2 years the AFD has taken progressive steps to create and establish a Wildfire Mitigation Management Division.  Prior to this Division, elements of the wildfire mitigation activities were shared assignments, with little corporate knowledge or cooperation.  This new development brings purpose and focus to this emerging Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) issue and addresses it from the City government perspective. 

 According to Justice prior to the Austin City project discussed in the video, the recognized Firewise Communities/USA® neighborhood of Jester Estates in northwest Austin organized a clean-up day that resulted in 79 tons of woody material being removed from the Home Ignition Zones of this community.  Truly a remarkable effort in reducing the structure ignition potential within this community.