NFPA Journal column details a great tactic for crafting effective wildfire preparedness messages

Blog Post created by laurenbackstrom Employee on Mar 19, 2014

DeatonLucian Deaton, the newest member of the NFPA Wildland Fire Operations Division, wrote his debut NFPA Journal column for the current issue, titled "Local Intel." In this column, Lucian discusses a great tactic for crafting effective wildfire preparedness messages: listening. 

He says that public educators can do one of two things - project what they see as ideal onto new places they visit, or enrich their perception by listening and learning what people in each new place considers ideal. He goes on to describe the development of the Ready, Set, Go! program that he worked on as an employee with IAFC. He developed a national model of a successful program, that all departments, regardless of size or type, could implement by visiting all 50 states and learning what wildfire risk meant to each state's residents.

Read more about Lucian's experience and advice, and why he feels that residential responsibility is essential to successful wildfire mitigation and preparedness in this month's Wildfire Watch column.