NFPA’s Cathy Prudhomme talks about wildfire preparedness day to the nation

Blog Post created by lisamariesinatra Employee on Apr 23, 2014

As a great many of you know, to help residents across the U.S. prepare for the possibility of wildfire and help reduce the risk of damage to homes and neighborhoods, NFPA, with generous support from State Farm, is sponsoring the first national Wildfire Community Preparedness Day on Saturday, May 3, 2014.

Much has been done to promote Preparedness Day but one of the most exciting outreach projects NFPA has engaged in includes a radio media tour organized with the help of Lyons PR, a broadcast PR firm in Maryland. The tour promoted NFPA’s key wildfire messages, including the role homeowners can play in wildfire safety efforts and what they can do to join the cause on May 3.  IMG_1399

Cathy Prudhomme, in NFPA’s Denver office, took the lead in the radio tour, participating in 21 interviews over four days. The interviews included national, statewide and regional networks and local outlets. The most notable included ABC Radio News, MarketWatch Radio Network, Texas State Network and Oklahoma News Network.

Kudos to Cathy for spreading the word about wildfire safety and preparedness, and drumming up even more excitement about our May 3 event!

Take a listen (below) to one of the live interviews Cathy participated in:  It's from the morning news show on WKFBK in Sacramento, CA. Additional interviews will go live on May 3!