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20 States represented on the Communty Events map.  South Dakota tops the table with 11 events scheduled for tomorrow.  California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington all having 8 events; Texas 7; Florida 5; Nebraska and Georgia 3; Nevada, Hawaii and Montana 2 and; Arizona,  Idaho, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, New JerseyNew Mexico and Wyoming all having 1 community event.


For further information about this national event please visit this weblink.

Our friends at FLASH (Federal Alliance for Safe Homes) are encouraging you to "Make Wildfire Protection Your Burning Desire," and participating in tomorrow's first national Wildfire Community Preparedness Day! 

Their blog at features a story from the Austin, Texas, area about a fire engineer who prepared his home and encouraged his neighbors to become Firewise. Due to their efforts, Jester Estates was recently recognized as one of the newest Firewise Communities/USA sites in Texas.

Best wishes to all the wonderful people and organizations taking steps to become safer on May 3 and every day! 

Tomorrow is May 3 and that means hundreds of residents across the country will be engaging in risk reduction projects for Wildfire Community Preparedness Day. NFPA’s wildfire division and State Farm are thrilled beyond measure at the overwhelming response we’ve received from neighborhoods, residents, organizations and groups who have shared with us their plans for the day.

As you prepare for your event tomorrow, the staff here at NFPA is busy entering all of the projects into our Prep Day project map. At this point, we have close to 100 entered already! Haven't entered yours yet? There's still time! Head to our wildfire prep day page and follow the simple instructions. Thanks to everyone who submitted their information. The creativity and thought that was put into every one of these projects is truly amazing and inspiring! Prep day

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t remind everyone to take photos at your event and share them. Whether it's before and after shots, group photos or action shots, we'd love to hear from you. Find us on Facebook and post your photo at any time tomorrow or after your event.

Curious about what other folks are doing? You can join the conversation at any time. Just follow us on @Firewise, at #WildfirePrepDay.

And lastly, it’s also not too late to hand out our safety tips and safety gear guidelines to your participants. You can find this and other great resources on our wildfire prep day webpage.

Thanks again to everyone who is participating tomorrow. Because of your passion and devotion to community safety, you have made this Prep Day event a HUGE success.

And don’t forget ... stay tuned to NFPA’s wildfire social media platforms and websites after May 3 to get the final results from the day, along with all of the stories and photos you provided.

Good luck everyone! Stay safe and have fun!

If you’re between 6 – 18 years old and love to draw or know someone who does, then now’s the time to show off your talents and enter NFPA’s 2015 Firewise Calendar contestCalendar

Create a drawing or original artwork or take a photo of your project that illustrates a wildfire activity, event or project about wildland fire safety or something that helps firefighters stay safe. Send it along to NFPA's wildfire division in Quincy, Massachusetts and be eligible to win a great prize.

Find the entry form and contest rules on the Firewise website.

Deadline to submit your artwork is June 2, 2014. Enter now! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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