Take the National Building Museum's video quiz and test your wildfire knowledge - Question #3

Blog Post created by lisamariesinatra Employee on May 29, 2014

Since we started posting the National Building Museum's Designing for Disaster online video quiz, many of you have told us you've enjoyed the short animated videos that "draw" out the answer and yes, most of you have answered the questions correctly. Nice job! If you haven't taken the quiz, go ahead, test your wildfire knowledge. Before answering the question below, check out Question #1 and Question #2 in our previous blog posts. Then move on to the one below:

Question:  What conditions are required for fire to burn?


Learn more about the exhibit on the Building Museum's website, where you'll find additional quizzes, interactive modules, case studies and more. The exhibit is currently showing in Washington, D.C. through August 2, 2015.