Firefighters find wolf pups in Alaska

Blog Post created by cathyprudhomme Employee on May 30, 2014

   Funny River Fire photo
Reading through emails this morning, I opened one with a link to a Facebook post from the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska where this week wildland firefighters were fighting the Funny River Fire.  While working the fire they found a den of 5 two-week old wolf pups that’d been left behind after their pack fled when flames advanced through the area.  Since it’s Friday, and because I was mesmerized by the photo of the pup and the firefighters providing assistance, I just had to share it with you.  My colleagues told me everybody but me has already seen this picture, so for those few out there that may have missed it too, remember who you got it from. 

According to the FB post - The pups had porcupine quills that were removed by the medics working the fire line and were given water and glucose.  Alaska Department of Fish and Game and refuge personnel removed the pups from the area and transported them to Anchorage where they’re now in the care of the Alaska Zoo who says they cannot be released into the wild now that they've been handled by humans. The zoo is working to find a new home for the pups.

The pups - three males and two females were so dehydrated that wildlife officials believe they had been abandoned for several days. A sixth pup was also in the den, but was dead by the time rescuers got to it.