Norphlet, AR acknowledged as winner of 2013 Firewise Challenge

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Jul 1, 2014


In the rustic region of Norphlet, AR lies a tightly-knit community full of people concerned for the well-being of their town. Being surrounded by tall pine trees and rolling grassy fields presents a very real threat of wildfire, something the neighborhood decided to address when they became a recognized Firewise community in 2004. Since then, citizens of Norphlet have responded to a variety of natural disasters, including raging storms and even tornados. Thanks to their extensive mitigation efforts in response to these events, Norphlet has earned their place as one of five winners of the 2013 Firewise Challenge, receiving $5,000 to put towards future Firewise efforts thanks to the generous support of State Farm, NFPA’s partner in the Firewise Challenge.

To learn more about how the Norphlet community became a winner of the Firewise Challenge, read their full story here!