After Waldo Canyon, Colorado Springs wildfire mitigation program in full force

Blog Post created by lisamariesinatra Employee on Jul 7, 2014

Two years ago, the City of Colorado Springs, Colorado suffered a major wildfire, which destroyed nearly 350 homes and was one of the most costly in the state’s history. Residents of Colorado Springs are still rebuilding after the Waldo Canyon Fire, but a recent blog post authored by Christina Randall of the Colorado Springs Fire Department and posted on FEMA's site, explains just how far they’ve come. Due to their ongoing mitigation work, wildfire safety programs and campaigns, not only was Colorado Springs able to save still many homes during that fire but the community is in a much better place to reduce its future risk for damage should another wildfire threaten their area.

Read Christina Randall’s full blog.


For those who many not remember, in 2012 the Fire Adapted Communities (FAC) coalition released a report, “Lessons from Waldo Canyon,” and a companion video, “Creating Fire Adapted Communities:  A Case Study from Colorado Springs and the Waldo Canyon Fire.” The report and video are based on interviews, field visits and tours of the City’s most affected neighborhoods by the FAC coalition’s assessment team in July of 2012. Former NFPA Journal writer, Fred Durso, who visited Colorado Springs with the team, also provides a full account of his experience interviewing residents and touring the affected areas for a full-length feature article in the September/October 2012 issue of the Journal.

Be sure to check out these and all of the Waldo Canyon/FAC resources as a complement to Ms. Randall's blog post.(NOTE: a quick search for "Waldo Canyon" in NFPA's Fire Break blog provides great information and links to resources).

Learn more about FAC and the role residents can play in creating safer, more fire adapted communities by visiting the FAC website at