Bend, Oregon and the story of the Two Bulls Fire and the need for defensible space

Blog Post created by hyltonhaynes Employee on Jul 9, 2014

Alison Green the Project Wildfire Program Director and member of the Fire Adapted Learning Network forwarded me this interesting mini-documentary on the Two Bulls Fire and the need for defensible space and home hardening as Bend, Oregon expands into the forests that surround this beautiful city.   

Project Wildfire is one of the benchmark programs in community collaboration that exisits in the nation and is certainly a model that other communities should aspire to as they take the journey to becoming more Fire Adapted. One of the programs Project Wildfire administers in their suite of wildfire mitigation and prevention activities is the Firewise Communites/USA recognition program.  Year to date the City of Bend and the surrounding area has 17 recognized Firewise Communities/USA sites.  This fact alone is a testament to the resolve this community has against the threat of wildfire.