Celebrating communities and their Firewise successes

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Jul 15, 2014

Turkey_hill2Firewise principles work. We have all the scientific research and statistics you can ask for. But more than that, it’s the real-life situations that actually prove it! Communities across the country are verifying how simple and beneficial it is to become Firewise. To highlight their accomplishments, we are starting a ‘State of the Week’ blog post, to look back at just how neighbors have come together to make the place they call home, a safer place to live.

So for our first post I chose my beautiful home state of Massachusetts.

Expansion of a town near Turkey Hill in Holbrook, MA, had created a major concern for locals. The forest had quickly acquired a thick mat of oak and pine needles and had just as quickly become a dumping ground for yard and household waste. Houses were being constructed increasingly closer to the forest that was potentially a fire hazard and the residents knew they had to act on it.

The Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) was contacted. They conducted a neighborhood assessment and discovered that the yard waste that was being stockpiled in many of the yards of homes equaled a dangerous fuel load. So the Town Forest Committee and the non-profit Friends of the Town Forest, worked together on a campaign to raise awareness of the potential wildfire problem.


Find out how the residents of Turkey Hill prevented what could have been a potentially devastating fire and more on the Firewise website.

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