August Workshop Topic - Choosing the right mulch for WUI homes

Blog Post created by cathyprudhomme Employee on Jul 18, 2014

  Snippit for Aug workshop blog

While planning this past spring for our virtual workshop series, more than 1,000 Firewise Communities were asked to rank a list of topics they were most interested in learning about through the new learning format. The top three choices were:

  1. Understanding how embers ignite roofs
  2. Mulch combustibility – which types are best for WUI homes
  3. How to reduce a deck’s vulnerability during a wildfire

On July 15, participants were immersed in the first session:  Understanding How Embers Ignite Roofs; and on August 19, Dr. Steve Quarles with the Insurance Institute for Building & Home Safety will join us once again for an hour-long discussion on the second most requested topic:  Mulch Combustibility. 

On a recent visit to my neighborhood garden store I decided to take a gander over to the packaged mulch aisle to read the labels and see if I could easily ascertain which mulch was best for wildland/urban interface landscapes. Unfortunately, all that exercise did was confirm the need for more and better information about the topic. Selecting the right one can definitely be a challenge since it’s hard to know which type offers the best performance in a wildfire prone area. As innocuous as buying mulch sounds, choosing the right one should be part of your overall mitigation plan since it’s often placed directly next to a home’s foundation.

Join NFPA’s Wildland Fire Operations Division and special guest Dr. Steve Quarles and learn how your next trip to the local garden center can contribute to improving your home’s level of survivability in a wildfire.

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Workshop participation is limited to the first 100 registrants; preregister at your earliest opportunity.  Following the live workshop, the session in its entirety will be available for viewing on the Firewise site’s Online Courses and Education section.