Top ten: the states to beat in Firewise community activity

Blog Post created by michelesteinberg Employee on Jul 22, 2014

NFPA has gotten a lot of requests lately from our friends in the states wanting to know "where do we rank with Firewise?" Of course, they are referring to the numbers of active Firewise Communities/USA sites in each state. 

Check out this list, pulled from our data just yesterday. These 11 states (two are tied for 7th place) represent 75% of all active Firewise communities in the country - nearly 1,100 sites to date.

Yes, Arkansas is still the top state to beat (and their Governor is rightly proud of this). We hope that with all the fire activity in Washington state during the past few weeks that their excellent showing in community engagement and wildfire safety action will pay off in terms of homes saved and property protected.

Visit www.firewise.org/usa for more information on how to apply wildfire safety principles in your community and gain recognition for your neighborhood's risk reduction actions.