Exciting news for Wisconsin as Lake Camelot becomes Firewise

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Aug 26, 2014

Lake Camelot - WI pictureWisconsin – the home of the Green Bay Packers, Mark Ruffalo and cheese hats, is quite possibly one of the most beautiful states I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. 46 percent of Wisconsin’s land is covered by forest and it contains 15,074 documented lakes.

One of these lakes, Lake Camelot in Adams County, is almost smack dab in the middle of Wisconsin. A man-made lake, the surrounding green areas are filled with red oaks, jack pines and white oaks. However the jack pines have reached their full growth and are slowly dying, and the oaks are infected by the fungal disease Oak Wilt. The dead and dying trees coupled with the fact that there have been severe drought conditions in the last few years, has resulted in Lake Camelot becoming an extreme fire hazard.

Then in 2006, the Lake Camelot Property Owners Association (LCPOA) formed a Firewise committee. They worked on crafting a plan with Firewise Communities/USA and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources representative. The plan was to get the Firewise Committee to grant permits to clean out an area. For this, the state DNR Firewise representatives conducted a survey to pinpoint the high-risk areas. This survey proved Lake Camelot would be eligible for a grant to start a Firewise program.

Volunteers worked tirelessly as they chain-sawed branches into sizes that were more realistic to carry, hauled wood to the recycle center and drug out dead and dying wood, all in an effort to clean up a trial area of only five acres. They also had three residents complete major Firewise projects to reduce their personal risk of wildfire. All their hard work paid-off in August 2007, when Lake Camelot, Chester Addition received recognition. Following in their footsteps, the residents of Lake Camelot, Cadbury Addition; Lake Camelot, Cranbrook Addition; Lake Camelot, Falk Addition; and Lake Camelot, Excalibur Addition all took up clean-up initiatives and received recognition.

Read more about Lake Camelot’s clean-up initiatives and how they became Firewise on their success page!

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