Learning to take pride in our wildfire mitigation efforts

Blog Post created by lisamariesinatra Employee on Sep 10, 2014

Every community profits differently from being a recognized Firewise site. In my weekly blog series about the "Top Seven Benefits to Becoming Firewise," I've been sharing one adantage a week that residents from a number of recognized Firewise sites have shared with us over time. This week I'd like to talk about citizen pride. It's the fifth benefit on our list:

5. Citizen Pride
While Firewise work can be fun, it isn’t always easy. Neighbors work very hard in Firewise communities to remove brush and debris, clean up common areas, and dispose of green waste. They are rightly proud when they achieve national recognition for their efforts.

Please keep up the great work you're doing! Celebrate 2

I know, at times we feel like our work is never done; we wonder if our efforts will actually pay off. But NFPA is here to tell you the work you do now does make a difference down the road. Just read some of our community success stories, which I know will inspire and encourage you to keep going, or print out our project idea list that provides some great new activities that maybe you haven't thought about before. It's a fact that communities that take the time to plan ahead and prepare, can make a difference in reducing their wildfire risk.

So, go ahead, celebrate your participation and dedication to making your home and your neighborhood a safer place to live. Have a party, plan a parade, shout it from the nearest mountain top. And don't forget to share all that great energy with us. We at NFPA are clapping loudly right beside you!

Learn more about becoming a recognized Firewise community on our Firewise recognition program page, or contact us for more information.