Wildfire mitigation efforts shine light on communities

Blog Post created by lisamariesinatra Employee on Sep 17, 2014

SpotlightAs the headquarters for the national Firewise program, we here at NFPA have often seen our name in the media regarding our wildfire safety programs. But it's always nice to see communities get the same attention for all of their hard work and efforts, especially when they become a recognized Firewise site.

And so with this, I add the 6th benefit to our "Top 7 Benefits to Becoming Firewise" list:

6. Publicity
The national Firewise program provides communities with metal signs, a plaque and other materials that can be presented publicly to honor their status as a Firewise Communities/USA recognition site. These recognition ceremonies are great ways to shine the spotlight on community efforts. News media find this to be a great story to cover, and the national program features community stories regularly on the website and in its publications. All this publicity results not only in satisfaction for the residents involved, but also provides one more way to reach large numbers of people with information about wildfire safety.

NFPA is proud of all of the work communities and neighborhoods are doing to stay safer from wildfire, and we say, "Keep up the good work!" The next time your community gets highlighted in the newspaper or on television, let us know. We'd love to share your story with the rest of our Firewise community!