Fire Adapted Communities case study and this year's Fire Prevention Week theme

Blog Post created by aronanderson Employee on Oct 7, 2014

As Fire Prevention Week continues, so do our FAC case studies.  But first, I'd like to quickly share this year's Fire Prevention Week theme:

Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives:  Test Yours Every Month!

We all know smoke alarms save lives.  96% of US households have at least one smoke alarm, but they have become so common place that many people forget they are even there.  One-quarter of the nearly 3,000 people who died in a home fire last year had a smoke alarm but it did not sound or it was nonfunctional.  With that in mind, this year's theme is a valuable reminder that only working smoke alarms can save your life.

Today's case study highlights the hard work the Four Forest Restoration Initiative and other stakeholders have done to create sustainable ecosystems by restoring forests to their natural and healthy state.  In the process, they have also managed to create a sustainable wood products industry and increase jobs throughout the region.  Check out the Guide to Fire Adapted Communities for more case studies on communities taking action to reduce their wildfire risk.

Creating Forest Restoration
Photo credit: Four Forest Restoration Initiative

Case Study: Accomplishing Creative Forest Restoration

Four national forests in Arizona—Kaibab, Coconino, Apache-Sitgreaves, and Tonto—are actively engaged in the collaborative, landscape scale Four Forest Restoration Initiative. Together with a diverse group of stakeholders, the four forests are working to restore ponderosa pine forests, providing for fuels reduction, forest health, and biodiversity, while creating sustainable wood products industries and jobs in the region. Through innovative use of GPS technology, managers are carrying out 40 different prescriptions for forest thinning that are specifically tailored to ecosystems and wildlife habitats in each area as demonstrated by the before and after photographs.

Visit the Forest Service website to find out more about the Four Forest Restoration Initiative.