October 15 starts fall wildfire season in many eastern states

Blog Post created by luciandeaton Employee on Oct 15, 2014

October 15 starts the Fall wildfire season in many eastern states and recent articles I’ve seen highlight beneficial outreach by state forestry agencies in Virginia and Tennessee.
Photo Credit Leon Konz TDF
Wildfire is not just a “western states issue” and we applaud all communities who have adopted Firewise as the tool to bring residents together.  

Fred Turck with Virginia Department of Forestry shared with me that Virginia is home to over 5,000 woodland home communities, communities that are surrounded by the forest or are built within the forest.  Their website, is a great resource for fall wildfire information.

Leon Konz, with Tennessee Department of Forestry also shared the common theme of burning permit program outreach and explained that this is a big prevention tool for wildfire understanding in Tennessee.  Their website, provides great prevention resources and a, “wealth of Firewise information for the public.”

Visit your state forestry agency website for fire season information in your state and learn how you can be Firewise.

Photo credit: Leon Konz, TDF