Planning and preparation advised before taking command of WUI fires

Blog Post created by michelesteinberg Employee on Oct 29, 2014

1410FRwui3A super article in Firefighter Nation this month addresses fire incident command and the special challenges of coping with fast-moving fires that enter subdivisions and communities - those tricky, dangerous wildland/urban interface fires. Author Jim Linardos, a friend of Firewise, a fire service leader and no stranger to WUI fires over his 34-year career in such places as Reno, Nevada, and Austin, Texas, hammers home the notion that the day of the fire is not the time to start thinking about who you'll call for mutual aid or what you'll order for lunch for a crew of 100 on the scene.

Whether you are an incident commander, crew boss, wildland fire specialist, or someone who lives in an area prone to fast moving fires through brush, grass or forest, check out the article, Taking Command of the WUI Fire, for some perspective on what it really takes to cope with a series of structure fires simultaneously with wind-driven wildfire. In addition to preparing for extended attack, Jim recommends that fire service leaders engage in long-term planning with the community to make it more fire adapted - which might mean one or two fewer things to worry about when wildfire is on the doorstep.