Sun City Texas resident creatively utilizes virtual workshops

Blog Post created by cathyprudhomme Employee on Oct 31, 2014

Texas workshop watch event - 10.23.14

I have to put it on my calendar for next week to ask Dan Dodson, the Firewise Education Coordinator with the Sun City Texas Community Association, what he did in his former career before taking on his current homeowner’s association role. I'm betting it's something related to coaching, education or training, because he’s turned our Firewise Virtual Workshops into a group educational training complete with a robust Q & A at the end of the live broadcasts. 

He’s taken the basic home party concept to a whole new level - and the product he’s selling is wildland fire education and awareness! In his community, he’s creatively made the workshops a coordinated training opportunity for residents. Once Dan learns a session’s date and time he books a room in their community center and invites homeowners to participate in the group training event.

To you Dan, our kudos for your creativeness, and also for having a genuine concern for making Sun City residents safer while increasing their wildland fire knowledge and awareness. The Sun City Texas Community Association has participated in the national Firewise Communities/USA program since 2009.