Sparky video points to ways families and friends can work together to keep neighborhoods safer from wiildfire

Blog Post created by lisamariesinatra Employee on Nov 24, 2014

If you haven't had a chance yet to view our newest Sparky wildfire videos, I hope you get the chance to check them out soon. We're very excited about them since it's the first time NFPA's spokesdog, Sparky the Fire Dog®, has helped us spread the word about the importance of wildfire safety. And we're glad he did!

As we mentioned, NFPA produced three short videos for young kids that highlights ways families can work together to reduce their wildfire risk at home. Last week, we posted a blog about the first video in the series, "Sparky's Wildfire Safety Home Projects for Kids and Families." 

In the second video, Sparky shares some simple steps that kids can do with their parents and friends to help keep their neighborhood safer from wildfire. After you've watched it, let us know what you think. I think you'll agree, it's great to have Sparky helping us with safety messaging for our young kids. Like with most lessons, understanding issues and knowing what to do earlier in life helps us better prepare and carve out, a brighter future as we grow older. 

Watch our second video, "Sparky's Neighborhood Wildfire Safety Tips for Families" below. Or watch all three together.These short videos are a great conversation starter. Have one today with your youngsters and plan a wildfire safety project together. The third video in our series, “Sparky and NFPA’s Wildfire Safety Checklist” highlights some great activities you can get started on right away.

For more information and additional resources regarding youth and wildfire safety, visit our wildfire "youth and families" page on the NFPA website or our Kids Corner on the Firewise site.