MODIS: the US Forest Service’s active fire mapping program 

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Dec 4, 2014

There is a website that offers a “near real-time geospatial overview of the current wildland fire situations.”  You can view this US Forest Service website at   .  

MODIS stands for “Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer”.  According to the US Forest Service website, the MODIS instrument is located on board two NASA EOS Satellites, Terra and Aqua.  Their names respectively mean land and water.  Each MODIS sensor acquires data from the earth with a wide field of view 2,300 kilometers. Data is collected twice daily by each sensor.  Modis Satelight Picture from US Forest Service Website California South 11 30 2014

For more information about the data available on the website, including Burn Scar Data which would be helpful in planning reforestation projects after a wildfire event, visit the US Forest Service Website.

For mapping information about the location of Firewise Communities in your area, go to the NFPA’s Firewise Communities/ USA ®website.

The picture above is from a MODIS sensor of the Southern California Region taken November 30, 2014 and can be viewed on the US Forest Service’s website.