Plan on making a plan

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Jan 20, 2015

Are you planning on a “Year of Living Less Dangerously from Wildfire”? Then take a clue from our friends down under in New South Wales, Australia.  Make your plan before the next wildfire event.  Don't get so busy that you ignore the importance of planning to implement Firewise principles! Not doing so can be disastrous for your family.  Make a plan, then take action by embracing sound principles that could be part of your family’s spring cleaning such as:

  1. Moving your wood pile
  2. Cleaning out your gutters
  3. Cleaning underneath your deck
  4. Trimming tree limbs away from your house
  5. Ensuring that the 3 to 5 foot zone around your home is well maintained
  6. Making sure that attachments are Firewise
  7. Making good mulch choices
  8. Removing pine needles and other flammable materials from your roof and decks