Wildland firefighters featured in National Geographic’s Adventure Series

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Feb 3, 2015


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National Geographic produced a very short video that is featured on line as part of their adventure series about wildland firefighters .  Videographer Mark Thiessen in +Fighting Wildfires +presents some interesting video that gives you an up close glimpse of what it takes to be a wildland firefighter.  His videos give you somewhat of an idea minus the heat and smoke of the conditions that these brave men and women work in.  He also shows a short glimpse of fire behavior as it changes from early morning to midday.  It is an interesting view into this occupation and the dedication of the men and women who serve in this capacity.


We all have a part to play to make communities safer in the event of a wildfire and at the same time create safer conditions for these brave wildland firefighters to be able to do their job by implementing Firewise principles.

The wildfire image above is from the National Geographic video.

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