IAFC WUI session to feature Fire Adapted Communities from federal, state and local level

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Feb 17, 2015

The International Association of Fire Chief's WUI conference features some very interesting general sessions.  One 2-hour session  on March 25th features a discussion in which three guest speakers explore Fire Adapted Communities from the Federal, state and local levels. The three featured speakers are Jim Hubbard, Deputy Chief for State and Private Forestry with the USDA Forest Service, who also served as the state forester in Colorado for 20 years; Ken Pimlott, the Director of CAL FIRE and California’s current state forester; and Justice Jones, the Fire Adapted Community Coordinator for the Austin, Texas, Fire Department.   Together these three speakers can provide a diverse look at Fire Adapted Communities.

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This session will take a look at Fire Adapted Communities (FAC) by these three experts on wildland fire and the role FAC plays in their agency scope.  They will discuss how through the implementation of policies and programs we all can collectively enhance the development of Fire Adapted Communities. 

Do you know your role in a Fire Adapted Community and what part you can play? Whether you are a first responder, homeowner, forester, or community leader, you can take part in making your community safer and in making 2015 a “Year of Living Less Dangerously from Wildfire".  Attending this conference will help you grow in your understanding not only about how your community can become a Fire Adapted Community but also provide you with other valuable lessons learned.