South Carolina has had four working wildfires so far this season

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Feb 19, 2015

South Carolina, the state that is hosting our Backyards & Beyond Conference this year in Myrtle Beach, has had four working wildland fires so far this year.  On the South Carolina Forestry Wildfire Activity Map you can see the location of each fire and if you click on the flame it will give you a description of the size and cause of the fire.  It was interesting to note that one fire was caused by children under 12 years of age, one by debris burning, one is labeled as miscellaneous which could be by any accidental means and one unknown.

According to their website, "The South Carolina Forestry Commission is responsible for protecting 13.6 million acres from wildland fire; this includes 12.2 million acres of commercial forestland.  The Forestry Commission has a statewide wildland fire prevention, detection and control network in place. 

Forestry Commission firefighters respond to more than 3,000 wildland fires burning about 20,000 acres per year; 98% of the wildland fires are caused by human activities. Fire departments respond to more than 20,000 grass, brush, woods, or rubbish fires per year."

As of February 13, 2015 there was a red flag warning issued by the State Of South Carolina Forestry Comission.  The commission gave notice to residents to use caution if they are grilling outside or burning slash.

There are  26 active Firewise Communities in South Carolina.  Are you a part of a Firewise Neighborhood in your state?  You can check the map on the Firewise website to see and if not contact your state representative or the Firewise offices in Denver or Quincy to see how your community can become Firewise this season.

South Carolina

The image is from the February 13, 2015 press release of the South Carolina Forestry Commission