Q&A with Elaine Bush covers the scope of wildfire landscaping

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Feb 27, 2015


In the winter issue of the Firewise How-to Newsletter, Elaine Bush, MSU Extension educator for Manistee County, Mich., discusses how a bulletin created by the MSU Extension provides information to residents looking for ways to reduce the risk of plants igniting during a wildfire.

She explains that using fire-resistant plants can help reduce the chances of a homes igniting during a wildfire, though reminds us that all plants will burn if they become dry enough and are exposed to enough heat. 

Along with the bulletin, Michigan Firewise staff member Brad Neumann developed a document that offers sample zoning language that could be incorporated into a community's zoning ordinance to address wildfire mitigation in response to homeowners and local officials who asked what further measures could be taken to protect their communities.

Read the full article in the How-to Newsletter.