Attend free Wildfire Preparedness Day virtual workshop

Blog Post created by cathyprudhomme Employee on Mar 2, 2015

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Virtually attend next week’s interactive Wildfire Community Preparedness Day’s Workshop and get ideas on how you can organize neighbors, a community group or the people you work with in creating an activity that reduces local wildfire risks and concerns. The live workshop happens Thursday, March 12 at 10am in the Mountain Time zone. You’ll learn about the many promotional resources available at no charge and we’ll get you energized and motivated with some amazing success stories. Discover how you can easily implement activities where you live with project ideas that range from a short time investment of only couple of hours, to an entire day.

Advance registration is not required to participate – simply join the live workshop conversation through this link. Invest less than an hour and you’ll see how wildfire stakeholders everywhere can become a local champion. This is an opportunity to discover the types of projects that can be easily implemented and the benefits they provide both residents and firefighters! 

Interest in this year’s national Wildfire Community Preparedness Day continues to grow exponentially; and daily my colleagues in our wildland fire division are continually inspired by the range of activities being planned for May 2. The scope, scale and innovation of what’s being developed to increase individual, neighborhood and community wildfire preparedness demonstrates the desire from stakeholders at all levels to make areas with a wildfire risk a safer place to live.

Individuals, community groups, fire departments, forestry agencies and others have all demonstrated a desire to coordinate local grassroots projects that engage residents in reducing their wildfire risks and Saturday, May 2 is the perfect time to get started!   

Join NFPA and some very special guests for the 2015 Wildfire Community Preparedness Day Virtual Workshop on Thursday, March 12 and you’ll accomplish something great on May 2!

Unable to join the live workshop?  Access it at your convenience following the live session at