Australia explores resiliency

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From the Australian Business Roundtable website


[Michele Steinberg |] and I had the opportunity to discuss wildfire issues with some Australian wildfire safety "mates" last Friday in the late afternoon, which was early Saturday morning their time.  It was interesting to hear about the progress that has been made in their local areas with wildfire prevention and safety activities.  Peta Townsing, a South West Australia resident and community safety advocate who "tweets" regularly under the handle Firewise W Australia (@FirewiseWA)  observed that in her area of the world, community members need to be more involved in promoting their own safety in the event of a wildfire.


Peta forwarded us a link to the website of the Australian Business Roundtable for Disaster Resilience and Safer Communities. Their mission statement,&#0160;Working together to make communities safe ,&#0160;spoke to the need to work together to make communities more resilient: “The members of the Roundtable&#0160;have come together to champion the need for a more sustainable, coordinated national approach to make our communities more resilient and our people safer. It’s the only way to reduce the future economic and social costs of the inevitable natural disasters Australians will face.”</p>