Lessons on fire ecology

Blog Post created by luciandeaton Employee on Mar 10, 2015

A recent article out of Cape Town, South Africa, reflecting on wildfires that spread across the southern cape peninsula last week, reminded me of the suppression vs. natural fire debate that has influenced forest health considerations across the U.S., and here in Colorado.  The Cape's Fynbos ecological region is unique and requires fire for its natural ecology.  That history, and how they have responded to it, is familiar. CapeTimes 6 March 15 credit Ian Iansberg INSLA

"Fires are by nature sensational news, and nowhere else in South Africa is this more so than on the Cape Peninsula, where a national park protecting fynbos which must burn every 10 to 20 years is bordered by the country’s parliamentary capital city, which must not."

Photo credit Ian Iandsberg, INLSA / Pooley, Simon. 6 March 2015, Importance of Fire to Fynbos, Cape Times